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Juice Box Boats

juiceboxboats2 juiceboxboats3

Hold a neighborhood rain-gutter regatta OR just play in the tub with these cute, easy and cheap disposable toys.

CLick HERE for the info

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Pizza 50% Off?

Believe it! This is one of my favorite coupons to use – so I’m sharing it with YOU! (Expires Sunday 20th)


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Boyfriend Pillow

Save your $40 and make your own!


Click HERE for the instructions and funny video

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Star Wars Party Ideas



From Invitations to certificates…IMG_0837 IMG_0727

…and lots of games.IMG_0770

Inexpensive, but effective and FUN – Check it out HERE


Moving Tips and Tricks



Before You Leave Your Old Home:

1. Make sure each child has their own bag packed with any toys, blankets, or books that they will need to go to bed at night. These will help them feel comfortable during the transition.

2. Purchase an expandable file folder and start gathering documents such as birth certificates, passports, and currency.  These items should not be shipped with your household goods.

3. Call your doctors to obtain written copies of the family’s medical records. Offices sometimes charge for these documents, so have a form of payment ready. Also, see if your doctor can refer you to a new doctor in your new location. If applicable, ask for copies of prescriptions in case you cannot see a doctor quickly in your new location. If you have remaining refills at a local pharmacy, call to see if they can transfer them to a new pharmacy where you are moving.

4. Arrange for the home to be cleaned after all your furniture has been moved out. Stay one night in a hotel and return to the home to clean, or hire a cleaning service to do the job for you while you are traveling to your new location. Keep in mind that many real estate contracts state that the home must be left in “broom clean condition”. Failure to do so could result in a fee, or difficulty at closing.

Click HERE for the rest of the article at the joyfulorganizer


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