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Noodle Car Door Saver in Your Garage


Keep your car doors safe from damage with a pool noodle bumper in your garage! Test the best height for the pool noodle to work as a bumper without damaging your car. Cut it in half and fasten it to the wall. Use more than one bumper to increase the safety of your car door. via 100uses

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Fundraising Ideas A to Z

AZ of Fundraising 2(1)



Age Appropriate Jobs or Chores for Kids


Kids now-a-days are so entitled. But they can and should help around the house. Check out these printable charts for age appropriate jobs.




Carseat Blanket Project

carseat blanket carseat blanket shape carseat blanket

Click HERE for the pattern and instructions

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Mini Batmobile


HERE is the instruction pictorial. Awesome!


DIY Steering Wheel Cover

Steering wheel cover_thumb[2]

09.01.12 Stitchy Saturday-Steering Wheel Cover 5

You’re style, but best of all– it’s washable! I so need to do this – my cover is disgusting – and NOT washable. Maybe I’ll use some scraps and make a quilted one – I’m so excited now!

Instructions HERE



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Car Detailing Tips


Click Here for the article at FamilyHandyMan

There are also great videos there. Check it out and have the best lookin’ ride around!

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