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Use Duct Tape to Remove a Stubborn Lid




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Regrow These Foods


Wake-up World says:


You can re-grow a plant from just a single clove – just plant it, root-end down, in a warm position with plenty of direct sunlight. The garlic will root itself and produce new shoots. Once established, cut back the shoots and the plant will put all its energy into producing a tasty big garlic bulb. And like ginger, you can repeat the process with your new bulb.


Onions are one of the easiest vegetables to propagate. Just cut off the root end of your onion, leaving a ½ inch of onion on the roots. Place it in a sunny position in your garden and cover the top with soil. Ensure the soil is kept moist. Onions prefer a warm sunny environment, so if you live in a colder climate, keep them in pots and move them indoors during frostier months.

As you use your home-grown onions, keep re-planting the root ends you cut off, and you’ll never need to buy onions again.

Read the rest of the instructions for each HERE


Inexpensive Concrete Counter-top Redo

I have a counter-top that could definitely use this update!de81e5c70eda71985b5fbff71c5669f8


  • Ardex- Feather Finish
  • 14 inch drywall tray
  • 6 inch metal Drywall knife
  • 2 inch plastic putty knife
  • An electric sander
  • Latex gloves
  • Acrylic concrete sealer – LIke: Quikrete 873002 Concrete Cure And Seal Satin Finish
  • 150 and 220 grit sandpaper
  • A large sponge


Click HERE for the instructions and more info on the supplies needed


Sheets to Curtains



  • Two twin flat sheets
  • 1/2 inch ribbon
  • Straight pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread


Click HERE for the how to


Craft Glue Usage Chart

Craft-Adhesive-Guide Craft-Adhesive-Guide1

Click HERE for descriptions of each product.


Candy Hearts Experiment

Neat activity – predict what will happen to the candies when dropped in each bottle.

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CLick HERE for more info


Did you know? How Semi-Automatic Paintball Guns Work!

This post sponsored by: Mayhem

Check out this cool infographic about how paintball guns work:how-semi-automatic-paintball-guns-work

Storytime: My husband and I and a few cousins went ‘paintballing’ (is this a real term?) years ago when we were all young parents – Here are the highlights from what I recall; We arrived, dressed in full-on camo, at their house to carpool – and a cousin, obviously ready to start a war, attacked us by launching a diaper bomb (luckily only ‘#1’) at us.

At the paintball site – we played a few rounds of ‘Capture the Flag’ – we were divided into two teams and the object was for your team to capture the other team’s flag. I honestly, never saw either flag, however I was the last one alive on my team – I consider this a win on my part!

Lucky for me, my husband, on the other team, was nice about ‘killing’ me. He snuck up behind me and decided to place his shot on the softest part of my body – my rear-end.

We had a great time! Have you ever been paintballing? Tell us your story in the comments below.


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