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Reading Corner


Just hang curved shower rod in the corner with some shelves, pillows, and a rug. Cute! This would also work for a mini dressing room for dress-up play time. What else would you use this for? Comment below!

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Chalkboard Clip Board


I used a a 32×47 cm clipboard which I painted in blackboard paint. Once the paint dried, I drew lines and wrote the weekdays with a white permanent hobby marker. I then stated filling the table with the girl’s different activities with a piece of chalk, tied to the board with a piece of baker’s twine (cotton string). When we need to change something, we erase the text with a piece of damp paper or cloth. The lines remain, but the text disappears.



Phone Prison


Use black electrical tape and sticky letters on a clear container (in this case a faux paint pail) to make a phone prison. Makes an entertaining way to have a peaceful dinner, classroom, or can be used as punishment as needed. Genius!



Sweet Seat

Prep: Modpodge wrappers onto a chair, let dry. Then when kids behave, or reach a goal, they get to sit in the Sweet Seat!


I love this! via


From rain cloud and laval lamps to  bottle rockets and jar tornados… check them all out HERE


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