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Update: Alphabet Nursery Wall Decor

A doitandhow original: As I mentioned a previous post HERE – I helped my friend create this “U” for the baby shower she was invited to.

20141103_180349 (2)

We bought plain letters from a craft store. I used acrylic paints to decorate the letters. I hot glued on the small letters and some jute string. Voila!

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Help an Angry Child Calm Down

anger management tips for kids

Littlebirdiesecrets says:

1. Blow Bubbles
As adults we often try taking deep breaths to help us calm down in intense situations. But each time I would suggest that my son take a few deep breaths to calm down, he would get even angrier. Our counselor suggested blowing bubbles instead. Not only is a fun, happy activity for children, but the act of blowing air through the bubble wand requires them to breathe deeply. Soon they’ve relaxed and calmed down to a point where they can talk a little more rationally about whatever issue is at hand.
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Calculate Expected Height

  • 670px-Grow-Taller-Step-1-Version-4
  • Calculate your projected height. Working in inches or centimeters, you can try to predict your height based on the height of your parents.
    • Add up your mom and dad’s heights (in inches or cm).
    • Add 5 inches (13 cm) if you’re a boy; subtract 5 inches (13 cm) if you’re a girl.
    • Divide by 2.
    • The answer is your predicted height, give or take 4 inches. Note that this isn’t an absolute calculation, but it should be pretty close.


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Start a Smashbook

The realistic mama says: This is a delightfully simplified way to chronicle life’s special moments without the time commitment usually required by scrapbooking. The best news – you can start today!


Click HERE for the step-by-step instructions


Allowance 101

This is one way to do it. How do you do it in your household? Comment below to share your ideas.


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Alphabet Nursery Wall Decor

A cute idea going around is to decorate a wall in your nursery with an alphabet – like pictured below (pics randomly found on google). A friend of mine was invited to a baby shower and the smart party planner asked everyone invited to bring a specific letter.. in my friend’s case, she was asked to bring a ‘U’. I think she is going to take a horseshoe to give the expecting parents for the letter ‘U’. Genius!!

You can find un-decorated letters at your local craft store – or search around for letters in your environment (like the horseshoe!)

abc wall
blakes-nursery-500x375 e4c63b8afc6ec7877c218f373793a664 Alphabet wall


Halloween Minute to Win it Games


Click HERE for the collection of games


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