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Perpetual Birthday Calendar


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Geo-caching with Kids Tips


Join a Local Group


If you are geocaching then you have probably joined a local group or site. If not, that should be at the top of the to-do list. By joining a site you can get a better idea of how far away the new location is as well as learn what you should bring. In some cases there are even little tips and tricks to finding the exact location. Sites offer valuable information that can help you determine where you go next. You can even share information with other members and post your experience at particular sites.  Click HERE for the rest of the article


Reading Corner


Just hang curved shower rod in the corner with some shelves, pillows, and a rug. Cute! This would also work for a mini dressing room for dress-up play time. What else would you use this for? Comment below!


Chalkboard Clip Board


I used a a 32×47 cm clipboard which I painted in blackboard paint. Once the paint dried, I drew lines and wrote the weekdays with a white permanent hobby marker. I then stated filling the table with the girl’s different activities with a piece of chalk, tied to the board with a piece of baker’s twine (cotton string). When we need to change something, we erase the text with a piece of damp paper or cloth. The lines remain, but the text disappears.



Phone Prison


Use black electrical tape and sticky letters on a clear container (in this case a faux paint pail) to make a phone prison. Makes an entertaining way to have a peaceful dinner, classroom, or can be used as punishment as needed. Genius!



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