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Family Movie Night – Picking Out a Movie Tip

Image18091Let me set the scene – its family movie night. The popcorn is popped. Everyone is in their pajamas and gathered in the family room… when mom or dad picks out a movie the kids start complaining.

So you come up with a new family plan of on certain days/weeks, a certain kid picks out the movie – ‘it’s his/her night to pick’ kind of thing. But the other one feels left out or isn’t interested and ends up in a different room doing something else unrelated and you lose the feel of it being a family activity.

This is how we do it at the doitandhow.com household:

Mom &/or Dad picks out 5 or 6 appropriate movies. Kid # 1 narrows the field to 3. Kid #2 gets final pick. (adjust for your number of kids). We’ve found that with this way: everyone gets a choice, feels included and stays interested.

family-fun-family-movie-nightWe’ve also employed this for outings where we need to choose a fast food place… Mom/Dad gives the options that are in the area we’re traveling. Kid #1 narrows the choice, and Kid #2 picks.  Keep in mind “Kid #1” doesn’t always have to be the oldest – maybe he/she is the pickiest… maybe it’s different every time.  As long as we cut down on the arguing, Momma is happy!

Give it a try! Let me know if this works out for your family, add a comment below. Or share your family’s way of avoiding ‘movie madness’!!


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Painted Cast

Making the best of a bad situation – use acrylic paint and markers to dress up a cast like his/her favorite super hero. Here we have Buzz Lightyear and Iron Man – who else can you think of? Put your ideas in the comments below.IMG_98996297496563 IMG_98987337061671via pinterest/no link


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Non Toy Gifts for Children


  1. Classes. Music, dance, riding, drawing, classes are a great way to encourage children in their interests and let them know that you pay attention to them and what they enjoy.
  2. Memberships. Zoo, science museum, children’s museum, YMCA membership, etc. These are particularly great for family gifts! Many young families want to enjoy day outings, but affording them can be a challenge, so give them the gift of a yearly membership.

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Summer Play Collection


From slime to bouncy balls – Check out this Summer fun collection HERE


Prep Your Youngster for Kindergarten

7942a58a0bdc3913bf7b0dda89e992d8 kindergartentipsthingstothinkabout_40214_l

Simple things you can teach your child to make it easier for them and their teacher.

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