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Summer Play Collection


From slime to bouncy balls – Check out this Summer fun collection HERE

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Pool Noodle Garland


Pool noodle(s)
Sharp knife
Monofilament (fishing line)
Large Needle

Click HERE for the instructions


Brownie Bowls

You’ll need 2 same size muffin tins for this. Bake brownies according to package directions, but in a muffin tin. When the brownie are done, gently press the other tin into the tops to create the bowl. Let cool, then remove and fill with your favorite ice cream – genius!

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Prep Your Youngster for Kindergarten

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Simple things you can teach your child to make it easier for them and their teacher.

Click HERE for the article


Paper Plate Porthole


I love this craft for kids! It would be so cute for a classroom! Imagine all the ‘schools’ of fish!!

For each porthole, you’ll need:

  • 2 paper plates
  • several goldfish crackers
  • 8 cheerios
  • craft/school glue
  • markers for the grass (or silk grasses)
  • grey paint
  • blue cellophane
  1. Cut a circle out of one plate.
  2. Glue cheerios around the hole. Let dry.
  3. Draw grasses, then glue fish onto other plate. Let dry.
  4. Paint the cheerio plate grey, let dry.
  5. Tape cellophane into underside of cheerio plate. Glue the plates together.



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