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Turkey Hokey Pokey

Fun!! Sing these lyrics for a whole family activity!


Turkey Dancing


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Snack Attack Cookies

All of these goodies are actually cookies – so neat! Great for a party!

Snack-Attack-Cookies Junk-Food-Cookies

Check out the how to HERE


How to Make a Difference


GenerationOn’s article has tons of ways to make a difference in your home, school, community, world… Check out the entire list HERE


  1. Seniors love your artwork! Brighten walls – and smiles – at the local senior center.
  2. Got a favorite game? Teach it to younger kids.
  3. Win brownie points! Organize canned goods at home and take extras to a food pantry.
  4. Got talent? Share it!
  5. Your old backpack needs a new friend…donate it!
  6. Gather up outgrown, gently worn shoes and clothes for your local Salvation Army, Goodwill, church or synagogue.
  7. Party leftovers? Local soup kitchen guests are gonna love ‘em!
  8. Neglected stuffies in your room? Little kids at shelters are aching to cuddle them.
  9. Like a challenge? Your game board skills are in demand at the senior center.
  10. Friend forgot their snack? Share yours!
  11. Read aloud to little kids at the library – they’ll love you!
  12. Dust off your old – but still good – books and give them to your school library.

Check it out HERE


Mason Candy Jar Dispenser


Click HERE for the instructions


Cranberry Fruit Dip


Only 3 Ingredients: Cream cheese, marshmallow cream and whole cranberry sauce

Click HERE for the instructions


Thanksgiving Place Cards

Elegant – But Easy!


Check out the instructions HERE


Handprint Turkey Cookies

These are so cute!

fd23ce265b0987be60657591060e64fc handprint-turkey-cookies-2

Check out the how to HERE


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