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Cardboard Kid-Sized Maze

Get your hands on some cardboard sheets that are destined for the recycling center. Cut out several doorways in half of them. Use duct tape to connect them at the corners as in photo. Make a maze that will entertain your kids for hours! Fun!

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Glow Stick Valentine Gifts



  • white card stock
  • color printer
  • glow stick bracelets
  • scissors
  • glue
  • free printables


Click HERE for he link to the printable and instructions


2015 Space Events

We love science here at! Check out what’s going on with this spacey calendar.



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Chicken Ranch Tacos


3 cups cooked chicken, cut up
1 pkt. taco seasoning (chicken or beef)
1/2 cup Ranch dressing
taco shells
Ranch dressing
any of your favorite taco toppings!

Click HERE for the instructions


Can Bird Feeder

Can’t wait for spring? Me neither!

DIY-Birdfeeders_thumb1 8c6e164b0c693d7c31065cac39adb9ba (1)

Click HERE for the article and instructions


Create Colorful Icicles

Freezing Fun!!


Click HERE for the instructions

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Inexpensive Indoor Obstacle Course



Use a couple of rolls of painters tape to make an obstacle course around your house.  Think about having certain stops with additional activities too! Fun, fun, fun!!FB_IMG_1421340732641Thanks Michelle



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