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Did you know? How Semi-Automatic Paintball Guns Work!

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Check out this cool infographic about how paintball guns work:how-semi-automatic-paintball-guns-work

Storytime: My husband and I and a few cousins went ‘paintballing’ (is this a real term?) years ago when we were all young parents – Here are the highlights from what I recall; We arrived, dressed in full-on camo, at their house to carpool – and a cousin, obviously ready to start a war, attacked us by launching a diaper bomb (luckily only ‘#1’) at us.

At the paintball site – we played a few rounds of ‘Capture the Flag’ – we were divided into two teams and the object was for your team to capture the other team’s flag. I honestly, never saw either flag, however I was the last one alive on my team – I consider this a win on my part!

Lucky for me, my husband, on the other team, was nice about ‘killing’ me. He snuck up behind me and decided to place his shot on the softest part of my body – my rear-end.

We had a great time! Have you ever been paintballing? Tell us your story in the comments below.


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Garden Mail Box Tip




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Cardboard Kid-Sized Maze

Get your hands on some cardboard sheets that are destined for the recycling center. Cut out several doorways in half of them. Use duct tape to connect them at the corners as in photo. Make a maze that will entertain your kids for hours! Fun!

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Create Colorful Icicles

Freezing Fun!!


Click HERE for the instructions

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Ice Bubbles Science Project

Take advantage of the winter weather for a science lesson – Neat!


CLICK Here for the article and info


Stone Birdhouse

StonebirdhouseIlovegardeningcrW EODstonebirdhouseALLW

A project for any time of year – CLICK HERE for the step-by-step instructions


Making and Keeping Friends


Everyone needs a friend… this article might help! The one section that I found most inspiring, also seems like the it would be the most obvious:

Be yourself. When you pursue hobbies and activities you enjoy, you have a good chance of meeting people with similar interests. So check out that local lecture on modern literature and sign up for sushi-making lessons. Each event is a chance to make a whole new room full of like-minded buddies.

Read the entire article HERE


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