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Vampire Pumpkins and Halloween Craft Collection

Love this one:


Use 2 red pins, 1 plastic vampire teeth, and a small pumpkin. Voila!

Halloween-Craft-Ideas-From-Pinterest (1)


Check the rest out HERE

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DIY Compost Bin


A few different types of hardware mesh build this bin – Awesome!


  • Approximately 12 feet of wire fence hardware cloth (also known as ‘welded wire utility fence‘) forms the circular container.
  • Electrician’s plastic wire ties (zip ties or cable ties) for connectors, hinges and to capture the redwood handle.
  • The lid and top of the bin is made from a finer mesh hardware cloth.
  • All edges on the top were bent to form a hem and make the hinged lid a bit stiffer

Click HERE for more info



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Reusable Swiffer WetJet Pads Project

I’ve been waiting for this!


1 – disposable Swiffer Cleaning Pad (for the initial creation of your pads, if you are making additional ones, this will no longer be necessary)
2 – 11 ½-inch long x 5 ½-inch wide fabric rectangles
1 – 12-inch long x 6-inch wide pliable plastic rectangle
2 – 11 ½-inch long loop/soft portion Sew-in Velcro (hook and loop) tape
Sewing machine
Straight pins

Check out the instructions HERE


Faux Clay Stone Pendant


Check out the How To HERE


Outdoor Chalkboard

Easy-DIY-Outdoor-Chalkboard-3-web Easy-DIY-Outdoor-Chalkboard-1-web

Click HERE for the instructions


Stair Step Container Project

Cute storage or gift box!5f0336e23e5debf77a816d30fa2882e5Check out the complete instructions HERE



Mail Box Project


Cute addition to any classroom or kids play room – Check out the how to HERE

Also, think about making a tiny version for a scout SWAP!


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