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Traveling Clip-Board


Pick up a clip-board that opens for storage. Add paper, pencils, crayons*, markers, coloring pages, puzzle pages, stickers, etc..

You can even personalize the outside with stickers, paint or paint markers. I like to personalize the back of the clipboard, so the work area is free of bumps.  This is great for long drives to keep kids entertained.

This is also great for doing homework. When you really think about it – sometimes kids are in the car for a long time between school and activities of their own or their siblings’, they could be getting homework done. This provides a hard surface for doing just that.

*Just remember to bring the clip-board into the house so the crayons don’t melt in the summer heat.

OR you can buy one like the ones pictured HERE

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Organizing a Trivia Night Fundraiser

Step 1- Choose a time that works for your audience

Not the time that suits you best

Make sure your event does not clash with a big sporting event, a holiday weekend or other local event. Try not to stage it too close to money hungry times of year like Christmas, the start of the school year or tax time.Don’t start too early or too late. For a family event 6pm on a Saturday is probably best and for an adults only night 7:30pm works better. Avoid weeknights, other than Friday… while great for a local pub quiz night they are rarely successful for fundraisers.


Step 2 Decide on your audience

Family friendly or adult’s only event

There are two schools of thought on this one. Do you have a family friendly event so that everyone can join in or do you plan an adult’s only night where people can let their hair down and have a few drinks? Personally I prefer the later… people tend to spend more at these nights too.Don’t worry too much about attracting a large crowd, you really only need 10- 20 families in your group to get involved and bring along a team of friends to have a very successful event.


Scratch ‘n Sniff Paint


Cool project for kids - Check it out HERE

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How to Start a Fire with Steel Wool


Click HERE for the instructions


Feather Bowl

Colorful, cute project – try


Click HERE for the instructions


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