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Floral Layered Bracelet

Easy to do, looks professional though!



Check out the instructions HERE

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Mini Tipi


Click HERE for the instructions and video


Mini Ice Cream Cone Donut Pops


These are too cute to handle! And so easy to make – you won’t believe it!

Check out the instructions HERE


Shark Attack Coaster

Shark Week Coaster
You will need:
-  Coaster mold
-  Resin – I used Easy Cast, but Envirotex Lite works well too.
-  Cello glitter – blue and white (available at Michaels and Hobby Lobby)
-  Clear Mod Podge
-  Picture of a shark, sized and cut out
-  Nail polish – light pearly blue and white (optional and acrylic paint could be substituted)
-  India ink or resin dye
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Cutting the Flour Game

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Interesting, messy and fun game. Each person gets a turn cutting a quarter-topped pile of flour (made from packing it into a teacup and turning it over onto a plate), the one who makes the quarter drop has to retrieve it with his/her mouth! – Check it out HERE



Dandelion Fingerprint Canvas



  • Burlap Canvas
  • Fine Paintbrushes
  • Paint in white, green, and black (or dark grey)
  • Paper plate

Click HERE for the instructions

Here’s an idea: use a cork board behind the burlap for a cute personalized memo board.



Traveling Clip-Board


Pick up a clip-board that opens for storage. Add paper, pencils, crayons*, markers, coloring pages, puzzle pages, stickers, etc..

You can even personalize the outside with stickers, paint or paint markers. I like to personalize the back of the clipboard, so the work area is free of bumps.  This is great for long drives to keep kids entertained.

This is also great for doing homework. When you really think about it – sometimes kids are in the car for a long time between school and activities of their own or their siblings’, they could be getting homework done. This provides a hard surface for doing just that.

*Just remember to bring the clip-board into the house so the crayons don’t melt in the summer heat.

OR you can buy one like the ones pictured HERE


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