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Easy Reindeer Cookies

Easy-Reindeer-Christmas-Cookies-so-fun-for-kids-and-very-quick-to-assemble.-394x500 How-to-make-reindeer-cookies-500x332

Click HERE for the how to - so cute and simple!!

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Last Minute Gift Ideas – From Your Grocery Store!

  • M&M’s: Have a Merry & Most Wonderful Christmas!M&M_yellow
  • Soup or soup mix: Wishing you a “Souper” Holiday Season!
  • Frozen or ready-to-bake pizza: Warm up to a wonderful holiday season, “topped” with Christmas cheer! OR…Hope your holiday has a lot of “pizza-az”!
  • Apples & Hershey’s hugs: A teacher can’t live by apples alone…she needs hugs too!
  • Popcorn balls: Here’s hoping you have a “ball” this year!
  • GG-Baked-Goods-1110-mdnLoaf of bread: For being there when you were “kneaded”, for “rising” to the occasion, large or small. For never “loafing” on the job, for helping others to “heel”. No matter how you “slice” it, you do a terrific job. Merry Christmas!
  • Jolly Ranchers: Have a Holly “Jolly” Christmas!
  • Root beer: We’re “rooting” for you to have a wonderful holiday season!rootbeer-reindeer-rootdeer
  • Chex mix: Remember, Santa “Chex” his list twice! Happy Holidays!
  • Nuts: We’re “nuts” about you! Merry Christmas!
  • Measuring cup (filled with candy): Wishing you joy beyond measure!
  • Cinnamon & Sugar (or cookie sprinkles), in a cute jar: May your Christmas be sprinkled with laughter and love–Merry Christmas!
  • photo_463Salsa: Adding a little “spice” to your holidays!
  • Seasoning Mix: “Seasoned” with love–Merry Christmas! Or “Seasons” Greetings!
  • Sprite: May your Christmas be Merry & Sprite!
  • Soda Pop: I’d “soda” like to wish you a Merry Christmas!
  • Mints: Friends like you are worth a mint! OR We were “mint” to be friends!
  • Grater & Cheese: To a “grate” neighbor–Happy Holidays!
  • Bear-shaped Honey: Have a “beary” sweet Christmas!
  • Christmas-shaped Pasta (or any pasta & sauce): Have a “pasta-tively” happy holiday!
  • Jam: Hoping you have a holiday “jam-packed” with fun!
  • Cookie Dough: Here’s a little extra “dough” for Christmas! or Everyone needs a little extra “dough” for Christmas!


Many more HERE


Penguin Appetizers


You’ll need:

  • Black Olives
  • Carrots
  • Cream Cheese

Instructions HERE


Sock Monkey Tutorial

sock-monkey-tutorial sew-sock-monkey-1

Make: 1 (adult size)
1. Sock (crew length), 1 pair (I used striped sock so that it is easy to get the alignment right.)
2. White felt
3. Button eye 7/16″ [11.5mm], black, 2 (for toddler monkey, use 3/8″ button)
4. Embroidery Floss, yellow
5. Poly-fill stuffing material
6. Batting, or thick aquarium filter pad (you can get it from pet shop)
7. Letter size paper, 1

Click HERE for the instructions

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Cell Phone Problem? Solution for Teachers!


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Bacon Cracker Appetizers

dsc_6629 dsc_6633 dsc_6638

You’ll need:

  • Club Crackers
  • Thin-Sliced Bacon
  • Grated Parmesan Cheese

Click HERE for the how to!

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Trash Bags Holder


Use a sturdy paper towel holder in the garage to hold those big black bags! Genius!

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