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Merry Christmas from Do It And How!

I’d like to take this moment to thank all of you for visiting, and commenting on all the projects and recipes we have posted in the past years. If you’re here for the first time right now..Hello and Welcome! I hope you return and mark this page as one of your favorites for future visits.


If you have ideas for future posts or have a subject matter, project, recipe that you’re unable to find much online about, let us know – comment on this post! We do our best to post things that are of the interest to people like you.

We hope your holidays (whatever kind you celebrate) are filled with fun, food and family.

Lots of Love,

Krisgo and doitandhow.com

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Posted by on December 25, 2013 in Love, Site News


“Exploding” Quilt Squares Technique

tut-06 tut-08 tut-09 tut-10

This is an interesting and easy to learn concept. Check it out HERE

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Posted by on December 25, 2013 in Crafts, Sewing


Snicker and Cheese Doodle Cookies


Ok, now this sounds really weird…. but they say there is a subtle cheese flavor with the cinnamon coating.. sounds interesting enough to try it!


  • 1 packet Betty Crocker Snickerdoodle Cookie Mix (with cinnamon sugar packet)
  • 1 stick (1/2c) butter melted
  • 1T water
  • 1egg
  • 1.5oz Cheez Doodles (Cheese Balls and Cheese Puffs are acceptable substitutes)
  • 20 to 22 Snickers minis

Click HERE for the instructions

Thanks A&L

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Posted by on December 24, 2013 in Dessert - Yum!, Fun, Kids, Kitchen, Party Foods


Wire Wrapped Tree Pendant


Lovely! Check it out HERE

You’ll need:

  • 1.5 mm black aluminum wire
  • 0.3 mm purple brass wire
  • 0.3 mm red brass wire
  • 0.3 mm brown brass wire
  • 0.3 mm golden brass wire
  • 0.3 mm black brass wire
  • Cross brass chain
  • Jump rings
  • Lobster claw
  • Flat nose plier
  • Round nose plier
  • Wire cutter
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Posted by on December 24, 2013 in Crafts, Gift it, Sell it, Wear it


Easy Granny Square Joining – Crochet Tip

quick-granny-sq-020 quick-granny-sq-join-1

Click HERE for the instructions – do the outer row, while joining all at the same time!

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Posted by on December 24, 2013 in Crafts, Knit / Crochet, Sewing


Paper Plate Carrying Box


Easy and Cute - via


Posted by on December 24, 2013 in $ave it, Gift it, Kids, Recycle it, Scout Meeting


Letting Out Pants


It is the holiday’s after all, and who isn’t expecting to eat, eat, eat? Don’t throw those too tight pants out!

Also great for kids who expand in the middle, before they grow another size longer!

Click HERE for the instructions


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Posted by on December 23, 2013 in Kids, Recycle it, Sewing, Wear it


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