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Gem Reward Jar

dfefc0819516894bc55243cb2f270defCute magnets teach goal setting, One classroom used it like this:  This is a classroom management idea I use to reward whole class behavior. I have a cut out of a jar taped to my whiteboard. There are also a bunch of magnetic gems. When the class WOW’s me, I add a gem to the class jar. When other classes compliment our behavior in the hallway, the cafeteria, or Related Arts, I add a gem. When the class fills the whole jar, I let them vote on their class reward. We’ve done Pajama Day, Popcorn Party, Brownies, Ice Cream Sundaes, Movie, etc

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Use it for a whole group or individually!

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Best Dad, Hands Down!

Cute craft for little kids to make for Papa!


Check it out HERE

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Pat on the Back Father’s Day Shirt


Click HERE for the how to

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Pallet Book Shelf




7 Steps to the Perfect Story

Great infographic for budding writers! via


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Easy Cheesesticks – Low Cal


1 eggroll (or wonton) wrapper (56 calories)
1 low-fat mozzarella sting cheese stick (50 calories)
olive oil cooking spray, Misto-sprayed olive oil, or brushed-on olive oil, optional

CLick HERE for the article and instructions


Temporary Safety Tattoo for Outings with Kids

Love this idea!!




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