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Embroidered Camera Tote Bag

Cute project!


Check out the how to HERE

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Mango-Coconut Body Frosting Recipe


Great for dry skin AND hair! Check it out HERE

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Posted by on August 16, 2014 in Beauty & Hair, Gift it, Health, Leisure, Sell it, Wear it


Mini Tipi


Click HERE for the instructions and video


Painting Like Michelangelo


Great idea! Have kids tape drawing paper – to underside of desks. Let them ‘paint’ with markers just like the famous painter of the Sistine Chapel.

via pinterest

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Posted by on August 15, 2014 in Art, Education, Fun, Kids, Paper


Mini Ice Cream Cone Donut Pops


These are too cute to handle! And so easy to make – you won’t believe it!

Check out the instructions HERE


Shark Attack Coaster

Shark Week Coaster
You will need:
-  Coaster mold
-  Resin – I used Easy Cast, but Envirotex Lite works well too.
-  Cello glitter – blue and white (available at Michaels and Hobby Lobby)
-  Clear Mod Podge
-  Picture of a shark, sized and cut out
-  Nail polish – light pearly blue and white (optional and acrylic paint could be substituted)
-  India ink or resin dye
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Posted by on August 14, 2014 in Art, Crafts, Gift it, Kids, Party Ideas, Scout Meeting, Sell it, Workshop


Cinnamon Roll Pie Crust

Did you know that you can press cinnamon rolls into a pie pan to create a yummy pie crust? Well you can!

Just bake your pie accordingly.. or for a pudding type pie, bake and cool before you add the filling to set up. Genius!IMG_198939838409830via pinterest


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