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Management Tips for Great Leaders

Be a great manager!1407891406266via twitter


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Little Madam Pillow

Swanky statement for your room!

diy cushion 1

  • Plain white cushion cover and inner to fit
  • Black fabric paint
  • Paint brush
  • Pencil
  • All purpose glue
  • Small sheet of card
  • Red sequin trim
  • Paper & scissors (optional)

Check out the instructions HERE

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Turn Any Recipe into a Crock Pot Recipe

You know you can’t leave the house, or the kitchen sometimes if you have a pot on the stove top… Wouldn’t it be easier to throw your ingredients into a crock pot? But how do you adjust your favorite recipe to make it happen? Follow the steps below! 410Q55382PL If your original recipe calls for:

  • Baking at 350f for 30 minutes = Slow Cook on low for about 5 hours.
  • Baking at 350f for 1 hour = Slow Cook on low for about 8 hours.
  • Stovetop simmering for 30 minutes = Slow Cook on low for about 5 hours.
  • Stovetop simmering for 1 hour = Slow Cook on low for about 8 hours.

images (1)Slow Cookers need some (but not too much) liquid to produce your recipes – If the recipe has little-to-no liquid; add a half cup of water or some type of broth that compliments your ingredients.  If your recipe has a lot of liquid, reduce the amount of liquids by a third.

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Cutting the Flour Game

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Interesting, messy and fun game. Each person gets a turn cutting a quarter-topped pile of flour (made from packing it into a teacup and turning it over onto a plate), the one who makes the quarter drop has to retrieve it with his/her mouth! – Check it out HERE



Dandelion Fingerprint Canvas



  • Burlap Canvas
  • Fine Paintbrushes
  • Paint in white, green, and black (or dark grey)
  • Paper plate

Click HERE for the instructions

Here’s an idea: use a cork board behind the burlap for a cute personalized memo board.



Month Long Snack List

I love this. After school, as a teen; I remember calling my mom at work asking, “what should I eat?” This chart puts that question to rest!!IMG_107480220746585via fb



Hospital Packing for Mom/Dad/Baby


Click HERE for the info


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