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Spiderman Strawberries


Remove stems. Use a bag with a small round tip and melted chocolates – to first make the white eyes, then the dark lines. Let set up. Add a stick – You’re guests, young and old, will love these!

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Summer Play Collection


From slime to bouncy balls – Check out this Summer fun collection HERE


Pool Noodle Garland


Pool noodle(s)
Sharp knife
Monofilament (fishing line)
Large Needle

Click HERE for the instructions


Never Forget Your Lunch Bag Again

I always attach my keyring to anything I want to not forget in the morning. I have a small carabiner on there that just clips right onto my lunch bag handle.


Here’s another idea using ribbon or thin cording- funny!



Brownie Bowls

You’ll need 2 same size muffin tins for this. Bake brownies according to package directions, but in a muffin tin. When the brownie are done, gently press the other tin into the tops to create the bowl. Let cool, then remove and fill with your favorite ice cream – genius!

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DIY Gel Manicure

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CLick HERE for the step-by-step 15-20 minute process – Easy!

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Tips on Giving a Cat a Pill

I don’t know anyone who likes to give their pets pills. Try THESE 7 tips!


Here’s just a portion of the article:

If the cat won’t take the pill whole try crushing. Make sure to ask the vet whether the pill is safe to be given when it’s crushed before trying this.

  • Place the pill on a metal spoon
  • Place another metal spoon on top of the pill and press down.
  • Crush the pill and leave the powder in a neat pile inside of the spoon.
  • There are also pill splitters and pill crushers available commercially at stores that carry pet supplies.
  • Mix the powder with a small amount of cat food, treat or other liquid. The liquid from a can of wet cat food works well.


Read the rest of the article, including the part about wrapping the cat like a burrito HERE! Don’t laugh – It works!

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