Can Bird Feeder

Can’t wait for spring? Me neither!

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Click HERE for the article and instructions


Create Colorful Icicles

Freezing Fun!!


Click HERE for the instructions

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Winter Salad Recipe Collection


Click HERE for the article and recipe collection


pic via pinterest


Inexpensive Indoor Obstacle Course



Use a couple of rolls of painters tape to make an obstacle course around your house.  Think about having certain stops with additional activities too! Fun, fun, fun!!FB_IMG_1421340732641Thanks Michelle



Dresser Drawer to Raised Storage Bin

Cute! Use a different style leg and darker paint for a boy’s room – match your current decor.


Click HERE for the how to


Reviving Stale Bread and Saving Moldy Cheese ??

Is it really possible? YES – Check it out!



Hot Air Balloon Mobile

I have a single pink and white paper hot air balloon that sits on my desk at work that I made for Valentine’s Day – It was a little difficult, but the paper clips helped a lot. I also used coffee stirrers between the ‘basket’ and the balloon – so my balloon stands up nicely. Don’t be afraid to try this one!


Click HERE for the template link and instructions


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