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Salami and Cream Cheese Rolls

Great for parties and so easy with this method.

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Fashion Tips and Tricks


Here are just a few:

34. Tend to wear certain leather shoes without socks? Always stuff them with a soft cloth when you’re done wearing them. This absorbs moisture and help the shoes keep their shape.

45. Pants a bit too tight? Let them air dry and stretch the waistband by hand (or with a hairdryer) while they’re still damp.

55. When you’re shopping for a jacket, coat, or blazer, pay attention to the fit around the shoulders. While a tailor can tweak pretty much everything about the fit of a jacket—from tapering the waist to shortening it—they can’t change the shoulders. Make sure the seams sit perfectly at the bony tops of your shoulders.

86. To drop bloat five days before a big event, stay away from dairy and whole grains, which can do a number on the digestive system.

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Woven Crocheted Square

Love the look of this!


Instructions HERE are in Russian, you’ll need to click the translate button for written instructions.


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Pineapple Carrot Cakes






Click HERE for the instructions


Static Free Hair Tip



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“Stained Glass” Flower Ring

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Smashbook / Journal Topics

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