Family Birthday Chart

  • We cut a piece of wood about 24″ long and then used the router to make the edges purdy.
  • Then, we spray painted the wood. For my mother in laws, I modge podged some patterned scrapbook paper on to hers so it was fancy.
  • We used the Silhouette to cut out the vinyl. The font is called Teeny Boppin NF.
  • We got the little circles from our local craft store. I think they are 1 3/4″ size. Garrett drilled holes (1/16″ drill bit) in the top and bottom of each circle. Those dang things break easy though so be careful! Also I would drill the holes before you paint them because they break so much.
  • He also drilled some holes in the plaque to hang the circles from. Then we got the little eye hooks from Home Depot to hang them all together with.
  • Cami color coded the circles by families (There are 9 kids in her family!). Then just write their names on the circles and the # of the day in the month their birthday is on. We hung ours in numerical order.

via christineyscrafts – so cute!


3 thoughts on “Family Birthday Chart

  1. Great idea, so much more interesting than adding them to your phone. Last year I forgot both my mum and my dad’s birthdays (bad daughter), so perhaps I need to make something like this!

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