Frito Pie

According to Hungry Gerald: The Frito Pie is constructed of chopped meat on a bed of Fritos flavored with red chile sauce (no, not that stuff in a bottle but a fiery, long simmered sauce made from Hatch chiles.). It is topped with grated American cheese, chopped onions and salsa. As the saying goes: Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it.

Simpler Version: We’ve always topped our Fritos with Chili and Nacho Cheese for this concession stand favorite. Try it!

4 thoughts on “Frito Pie

  1. I grew up on these things and thought everyone had till I was with my first big city room mates and they looked at me like I was insane the night I told them I was making it for dinner. Heck, this was a main course at the yearly Sylvan Beach day celebration!

    1. Oh, at home, we do canned chili (hormel, with beans) and a cheddar blend of cheeses. That’s what I love about this, it’s as easy or as elaborate as you want to make it!!

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