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Critter Pit

If you’re kids not much of a splash in the kiddie pool kind of person.. fill it with dirt, plastic and rubber bugs and snakes and lots of safe tools to dig. FUN! (Also a great use for a compromised pool that doesn’t exactly hold water – but would hold lots of fun dirt!)


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Pop Up Butterfly Card

These little pretties will not fly away!


  • An A5 Card (we used a green one)
  • Some black paper – ours was 21cm long and 6cm high (but white can work too and you can decorate it with pens!)
  • Some orange paper (to decorate)
  • Scraps for additional decorating if you wish (e.g. blades of grass)
  • A little white paint & tooth pick for the monarch butterfly wing’s details!
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Click HERE for the instructions