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Macrame Lamp Shade

Fun and funky addition to any room!


Click HERE for the instructions (translate as needed)


Laundry Drying Rack

Drip dry over the tub or utility sink!

24″ by 36″ 1/2″-thick plywood, cut to 24″ by 28 1/2″ final size
Two 48″ 1/2″-diameter wood dowels, cut into four 19 3/4″ pieces
Two 48″ 1″x2″ boards, cut into two 22″-long pieces, and two 23 3/4″-long pieces
28″ long 1×6″ board
Wood glue
Wood screws – Two 3/4″-long screws and four 2 1/2″-long screws, plus two additional for screwing into the wall
Two wood corbels
Four screw eyes/eyehooks
Four 3/4″ diameter disc magnets
2″ narrow utility hinges
Wood filler (optional)

Click HERE for the instructions