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Sun Catchers From Coloring Pages

Color your own pages or choose pretty pre-printed paper for these!

Click HERE for the instructions


Bird Feeder From Recycled Items

It would be cute to make a new label and mod-podge it on. Or remove the label totally and use some puffy paints in cool designs!


  • 1 Tomato ketchup squeezy bottle
  • 1 small plastic plant pot drip tray
  • 700mm length of string

Click HERE for the instructions

Straw Daisies

Re-use your plastic straws for this craft!


First fold the upper part of a yellow straw as shown to become the stamen and stem. Tie it with green thread. After that cut a white straw with a cutter and open it into a strip. Then make cuts in half of its width and apply double tape to the lower uncut part lengthwise. Then start rolling this length of cut straw around the yellow stamen and make a flower. Cover the lower part of the yellow straw with green floral tape to become the stem. Cut some leaves from green crepe paper or a straw and glue them to the stem. Complete the flower bouquet with more colored straw flowers and arrange the bouquet in a bowl or vase.