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Bee Hotel Project

Attract bees to your garden with this solitary bee hotel!


  • Small logs or pieces of wood
  • A selection of plant stems (eg bamboo and sunflower stems)
  • Sandpaper
  • A drill and wooden drill bits
  • Dry florists’ foam (optional)
  • An untreated wooden box (I used an old wine box)
  • Pencils
  • A rustproof bracket

Click HERE for the instructions


Rainbow Thistle Decoration

I would also like to make a set of these in an ombre pattern. Adds a bit of lovely texture!


  • Thistles – Thistles grow wild, I picked about 8 from the riverbank.
  • Secateurs & gardening gloves – Thistles are very thorny, you will want to protect your hands.
  • Wood dowel approx 3cm in diameter and at least 70cm in length
  • Walnut wood stain
  • Spray paints in lots of different colours.
  • Drill with a wood drill bit as wide as the thistle stem.

Click HERE for the instructions