Category: Play Time

Cardboard Tube Unicorn

Dainty lil gal!


Click HERE for the instructions


Pocket Fidget Clicker

Recycle an old VHS tape into a fidget toy!


– A VHS tape

– Superglue

– A small amount of air/oven drying clay or putty. I used polymer clay. This is optional.

– Hacksaw to cut the plastic

– Chisel or similar

– Vice to hold the tape whilst cutting

– Screwdriver

– Sandpaper to sand the plastic. I used 320 grit wet-and-dry.

– Safety specs/mask/extractor/ventilation etc – safety stuff for use when cutting the plastic

– Felt/leather or other material to cover the clicker when finished (optional). Could also paint it instead if desired.

– Pliers for bending wire/metal (optional)

Click HERE for the instructions

Birdfeeder Project

Gelatin holds the seeds together – all that’s left will be the twine – no yucky metal or plastic base to deal with!


  • Bird seeds (sunflowers, peanuts, shelled and cracked corn, flax, golden millet, safflower, thistle) Find out what the birds in your area prefer and use that!
  • Metal cookie cutters – oven safe
  • A few pencils or sticks
  • Gelatin
  • Boiling water
  • Twine

Click HERE for the instructions