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Felt Animal Masks

Fun for play or even for the big trick-or-treating day!

Click HERE for the instructions


The Dice Game

You’ll need 10 dice per person – a quick trip to the dollar store will probably be necessary!


Object: To be the first player to complete all of the rounds.

Each player gets 10 dice.

Everybody rolls all of their ten dice at once. Each player pulls out the appropriate dice that they need to complete the round that they are on. Then, players pick up the remaining dice and roll all of them again.

Speed is of the utmost importance. The faster you roll your dice, the quicker you’ll get what you need to win the round!

When you get all of the correct dice for the round you are on, call out “Winner.” Everybody stops rolling their dice.

The person who won that round now advances to the next round. The other players who did not finish their round must work on that same round until they complete it.

Everybody picks up all ten dice and begin rolling their dice again.

The person who is the first one to finish all of the rounds is the winner.

Click HERE for the article and description of each round’s goal.