Cardboard Unicorn


Flying Squirrel Toy

Make a cute flying friend!

1/4 yard of light gray fleece
a small scrap of dark gray felt for the feet and ears
a small scrap of pink felt for the nose
a pair of 8mm safety eyes
black embroidery floss, 12 inches
fiberfill stuffing, 1 ounce
coordinating all-purpose thread
an embroidery needle
a pair of small scissors
chalk or a disappearing fabric marker

Click HERE for the instructions

Pizza Puzzle

What a cute idea – we LOVE this project!


-hardwood plywood. I used a combination of oak and poplar
-1 1/2″ doweling
-paint or stain
-wood glue

-1 1/2″ paddle bit
-string/pencil/skinny dowel/nail
-ruler/ straight edge
-metal number stamp set; optional

Click HERE for the instructions