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Footprint Lion

Start with 2 light brown feet prints right together as in photo and paint on a fluffy mane with darker brown and black features. We are really getting a kick out of how the heels make the snout!


Thanks Morgan

Paper Bead Pyramid Earrings

Don’t pay upwards of $100 bucks for earrings – make a lovely pair for yourself cheap!


–Some pretty paper beads. Assorted sizes (as shown in pic)

-An anvil. or other hard, strong surface

-16 gauge gold jewelry wire. About 1 foot.

-22 gauge gold jewelry wire. About 2 yards.

-gold jump rings

-closed earrings. Fish hook would probably work fine too.

-gold beads.

-needle nose pliers/metal cutters or round-nosed pliers

-a hammer

Click HERE for the instructions