Category: Scout Meeting

Galaxy Easter Eggs

Dare I say it? – These eggs are out of this world!


  • Plastic, dyeable Easter eggs – chalkboard or white + black acrylic paint
  • Variety of colors acrylic paints
  • Sponge brushes
  • Stiff brush
  • Cup to thin out white paint with water

Click HERE for the instructions


Sensory Lap Blanket

Perfect for fidgety fingers!

  • Volunteers and sewing machines. Not all volunteers need to know how to sew; they can decorate, cut fabric, and separate items for personalised mats.
  • Decorations: Leftover wool, strings, buttons, zippers, buckles, bells, fabric in different textures, soft toys, squishy and squeaky items, key rings, beads, and more.
  • Stiff stabilizer, fusible on both sides. – 1 piece 24 X 19 inches or 56 X 47 cm
  • Fabric – 2 pieces (front and back) – 24 X 19 inches or 56 X 47 cm

Click HERE for the instructions