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Cedar Plank Birdhouse Planter Project

Neat – dual use!

5.5″ Wide Cedar Pickets – qty 3
5/16″ Wood Dowel
Wood Glue
1″ Zinc Corner Braces – qty 4
2mm Plastic Painter’s Tarp
#6 – 1″ Wood Screws – qty 24

Click HERE for the instructions

Painting With Feet

Oh boy!!! Think of all the things you could use this colorful paper for once it dries!!

long roll of butcher paper
tempera paints (red, blue, yellow and white)
something to hold the paper down (I used gallon size paint containers and rocks)
large bowl or hose for washing off paint
paper towels or rags for clean up

Click HERE for the instructions

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Fowers

Welcome Spring with a Sweet Crunch!

Chocolate Melts (assorted spring colors) You’ll need approximately 12 oz. for 1 dozen chocolate covered pretzel flowers  – I used 3 colors, but you could stick with one color if you want
1 dozen yellow chocolate melts 
Approximately 48 mini twist pretzels
A glass microwave-proof bowl
Silicone Spatula
A fork
Wax Paper
Optional Paper Straws, cut out paper leaves and glue to make the Pretzel Treats into Pretzel Pops

Click HERE for the instructions