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Don’t Eat Pete Party Game

Very simple game for kids to learn and play. No losers – all winners –  just plain fun!


1. Using a grid game board, (click link below for more info) place one candy on each square.

2. Send one player away from the board where they can’t see/hear you.

3. The remaining players choose 1 square or candy to be “Pete”. Make sure everyone (except the player sent away) knows what the square is.

4. Invite the player back and they get to take as many candies as they can until they get to Pete. When they touch Pete, everyone says “Don’t eat Pete!”

This is especially fun in a group and players who know which one is Pete can trick the guessing player by say “Don’t eat Penelope!” or something just to make them jump! Enjoy!

Click HERE for the instructions


Origami Bird

Easy enough for kids to make, cute and funny enough to entertain everyone !


  • One square piece of paper (15 x 15cm is nice)
  • Pens for decorating
  • Scissors/ glue stick for decorating
  • Sticky eyes (optional)
  • Scrap paper for feet (optional)

Click HERE for the instructions