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Things You Can Control Chart

When things feel OUT OF CONTROL, turn to this list for peace of mind 🙂



Dominoes Math Practice

Add up the pips (dots) and match them to the correct circle – Have your kiddos figure out how many combinations can total up to each number!


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Bandana Bunny

Bandanas come in so many colors now-a-days – grab a few for this craft! These would be great to donate to your local foster care organization.


  • 1 bandana (or a 22″ square piece of fabric)
  • Wool blend felt scrap for the tail & face (my favorite shops listed here)
  • Pearl cotton or 6 strands of floss
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Hand sewing needle  & thread
  • Poly-fill or other stuffing
  • Hemostats (optional)
  • Chopstick or pen to push the ears out.
  • Fabri-Solvy or other embroidery transfer method
  • Printed freezer paper (totally optional)

Click HERE for the instructions