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Dragon Pull String Pinatas

Use the techniques learned with this to make MANY different shapes – FUN!


  • Cardboard – an old box is perfect for this
  • Crepe paper streamers – black and white
  • Scrapbook paper – green, blue, and black (for the eyes)
  • Packaging tape
  • Hot glue
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Box cutter

Click HERE for the instructions


Bumble Bee Twinkies

Celebrate Spring with this fun snack!


Hostess Twinkies Snack Cakes
White modeling chocolate
black food coloring
frosting (or use Nutella, peanut butter, or corn syrup)
powdered sugar
rolling pin
pizza wheel or knife
a ruler is also helpful
small round (1/2″) and oval/egg (1″) metal cutters
#8, 9, or 10 round pastry tip
fine tip paint brush (used for food only)
clay extruder with round insert, optional, but very helpful
toothpick or skewer

Click HERE for the instructions

Koala Cookies

These Aussie favorites are called biscuits in their native land, either way, they are super cute!

Arrowroot biscuits (or another oval shaped plain cookies, or sugar cookies cut with an oval cookie cutter!)
Basic icing (1/2 C icing sugar, 1 tsp soft butter, water – about 1 tbsp)
Chocolate coated peanuts or raisins
Black food coloring; like Black Gel Paste

Click HERE for the instructions