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Drilling Through Pebbles

When you’re making a natural piece of jewelry, you’ll need a good way to prep your stones!


  • Pebble, beach stone or garden pebble.
  • Marker pen or Chinagraph pencil
  • Rotary tool such as a Dremel (like the Dremel 3000), with Flexible Shaft (optional)
  • Small Diamond Core Drill (2mm in these images)
  • Collet or adjustable chuck such as the Dremel Multi Chuck that will hold the small diamond drill bits
  • Shallow water dish such as a plastic food container or rectangular ice cream tub
  • Piece of wood or rubber to rest your material on as you drill
  • Safety goggles and mask
  • Old cloth or tea towel to mop up any water or debris
  • Patience!

Click HERE for the instructions