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Measure Yourself Chart



Mother / Daughter Dates for Older Daughters

Love this!!! See all 20 ideas HERE


These are 2 that fit me and my daughter to a T:

14.) Take A Class Together. Cooking, sewing, underwater basket-weaving…the possibilities are endless! Just go and learn something new together.

15.) Volunteer Together. Spend time together AND save the world. Volunteer at a hospital, nursing home, or soup kitchen. Being selfless is the best way to achieve happiness, and if you do it together you’ll overflow in a good way.


First Dance Frame

This could be used for a wedding gift or an anniversary gift or a gift to Mother/Father of the Bride/Groom. Write out the lyrics for those special songs chosen for those dances at the reception onto a matte. Add a photo commemorating this dance. Love, love, love it!