Category: Family

Cup Tower Activity

Fun, simple dexterity play; “Rules are pretty easy…First one to collapse their tower…and then stack it all back up wins!”

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Bell Train Your Dog

Jingle time = tinkle time!


All you need to bell train your dog is a bell, some dog treats, and quite a bit of patience.

Get a large jingle bell .. and..hang it from the doorknob on the front door, the door where you take him in and out. Read more HERE

Sensory Lap Blanket

Perfect for fidgety fingers!

  • Volunteers and sewing machines. Not all volunteers need to know how to sew; they can decorate, cut fabric, and separate items for personalised mats.
  • Decorations: Leftover wool, strings, buttons, zippers, buckles, bells, fabric in different textures, soft toys, squishy and squeaky items, key rings, beads, and more.
  • Stiff stabilizer, fusible on both sides. – 1 piece 24 X 19 inches or 56 X 47 cm
  • Fabric – 2 pieces (front and back) – 24 X 19 inches or 56 X 47 cm

Click HERE for the instructions