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Tic Tac Toe Gift of Chocolates

Get your game on – then eat up the pieces! 🙂


Small canvas board / card board, acrylic paint, matching paper, gold wrapped chocolates (5 square and 4 round preferably), gold marker, scissors, glue

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Fun, Frugal, Family Nights

After the expense of the holidays.. we welcome ideas like these!


Have a hobby/craft/scrapbook night – Sitting around the table and making things is a WONDERFUL way to bond with your children.  Some children love crafts and some do not so keep that in mind while planning this night!  You can also challenge yourself as a family to work on a large puzzle!  Small ones if your children are young!

Listen to a fun audio book – Light candles and get your favorite blankets to cuddle with and listen to the great adventures of a good audio book or series!  This creates great conversation and a true educational experience!

Kitchen/Baking – Have a baking/cooking night together.  Grab a kid’s cookbook and let them create or make something you have seen on Pinterest together!  GREAT conversation time, plus the pride that comes with creating a masterpiece of something that screams YUM!!

Camp Out At Home – It can be really fun to camp out in your backyard or if the weather isn’t good camp out right in your living room.  Your kids will love it.  Put up a small tent and do all the fun things you would do in a campground.

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