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Backyard Slingshot


DIY Lawn Dominoes

Go get some fresh air and play a game of lawn dominoes!

To make a set of 28:

1 Quart each (Premium Collection Exterior Paint, Flat)

  • Glidden Paint Peacock Blue
  • Glidden Paint Hawaiian Teal &
  • Glidden Paint  Muslin White

Non-treated Pine Wood

  • Two 2x6x10
  • One 2x6x8

Click HERE for the instructions

Burn the House Down Dice Game

Fun, easy activity for any get-together!


4 to a table; sit across from your partner and follow these instructions:

One partner draws.  One partner rolls.  After you determine this, the round starts.  One partner rolls the two dice.  If they roll a 1, then the partner of the roller draws a house frame.  Then, they roll again.  If they roll a 2, they get a window.  If you roll another 2, you get another window. They roll again, if they roll a 3, your house gets a door. etc… {see pic above}  But, let’s say you are trying to get a 2 for a window.  But, you roll a 3 and 5.  Then, you pass the dice to the member rolling for the other team.  They try to roll what they need for their house.  If they don’t get it they pass the dice back. So the dice is constantly going back and forth between the two team members that are rolling the dice.  Meanwhile, the drawer draws the items as they get it.  Make sense so far? 🙂  SO if at anytime your roller rolls two 5’s.  It’s “burn the house down!”.  You have to cross out your house and start again!  {this happened to me and my partner at the end when we were trying to get the 6 kids! ugh!}  Anyways, once someone at ANY table gets the house and all 6 kids drawn, they yell “Full House!” and the round ends for EVERYONE!

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