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Travel Tip


Use carabiner clips to hold umbrellas, purses, etc. onto the back of the front seats as in pic. You can find carabiners at your local hardware store near the keys or door knobs. We just bought one this weekend – can’t wait to use it!

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Towel Hanging Tip

Install 2 towel racks vertically next to each other as in pic. Roll up and store clean towels – Saves room in your cabinets!


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LED Infinity Cube Project

Makes a mesmerizing night light!


  • 1meter ws2812b 144LED/m IP30 $8.69
  • microcontroller (Arduino) $2.58
  • 6 plexiglass squares (91*91*3mm)
  • mirror film $2.19 (Product arrived in bad quality, I can’t recommend ordering it on Ali)
  • wire (to connect LED strip pieces) $1.61
  • 3D printed frame
  • soapy water (is this even a material?)
  • 5V power supply $4.86 (10 A if you want all LEDs to be white, but 5A should be fine in most cases)

Click HERE for the instructions