Slow Cooker Wassail

Get this simmering to get you in the holiday spirit and make your house smell wonderful!


1 orange studded with approximately 30 whole cloves
1 gallon quality apple cider
5 cinnamon sticks
1 whole nutmeg
1 orange sliced into rounds
1 apple sliced into rounds
1/2 cup Tate + Lyle Vanilla Gourmet Pure Cane Syrup

Click HERE for the instructions

Beating Procrastination

From reddit: Ammar-The-Star says:

This is how I beat procrastination. I went and purchased a little notebook, and every day where it seemed like I had a lot to do, I would write down all the assignments for that day as a list. Things like starting on a paper, do a couple problems, reading the chapter from another class etc. I would then assign a time frame for each one so I know when I should be moving on to the next assignment, and check marked the ones I completed. Eventually I got to a point where I finished everything rather early, and understood the materials extremely well right before the exams and finals. You can also write down other productive things such as getting your workout done or cleaning your car and stuff like that and assign times for them. It changed my lifestyle so much and you should give it a try, it works out incredibly. via


Bra Pong Carnival Game

This would be really cute for a sorority to do! Collect a bunch of bras, tack them to a board. Sell chances to throw a ping pong ball into the ‘cups’ for prizes. Flirty and fun!44ecdf5b330b9f042f073b5c69787173

You could even label the cups and give out better prizes for smaller cup catches!