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Growing Shamrock Craft

Guess what it’s made from!! Click HERE to find out


Instructions HERE

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Dryer Top Ironing Board

5859691479_e026ac8ea9Click HERE for the instructions



Soap Pouch for Camping

•Towel (I purchased a very inexpensive towel & could get approximately 30 pouches from it! Of course, it depends on the size of your towel. You could also use terrycloth material or even a hand towel or washcloth just as easy!)
•Sewing machine with thread
•Ruler or tape measure
•Optional: sewing pins

Click HERE for the instructions


How to Remove Candle Wax From Glass

get-wax-out-of-candle-votives-640 candle-wax-removing-from-votives-640

Click HERE for the HOW TO

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Melted Plastic Jewelry


You’ll Need…
Plastic PET bottles or any kind of PET plastic.
Permanent markers
Hole punch
Oven tray covered in foil
A moderately hot oven

Click HERE for the instructions


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