Baby Pin

When you are pregnant, the question most asked is “When are you due?”  Here’s a clever way to let everyone know.

Supplies needed:

  • 2 ” wooden heart
  • 1″ wooden ball
  • acrylic paints; flesh tone & baby blue, pink or yellow
  • 4″ thin white ribbon
  • lace or left over fabric for bonnet or cap
  • earring back with plastic protector for pacifier
  • thin line Sharpie
  • pin back
  • hot glue and gun

Paint heart and head, let dry. Hot glue head onto heart. Then hot glue ribbon bonnet or cap (I tied top of cap with a little piece of embroidery floss). Glue on ribbon bow,  earring for mouth and pin on back, just below head. Then with the sharpie, draw on eyelids.

Finally, with a thin sharpie, add ‘Due in (month)’ OR for an expecting grandma add ‘Proud Grandma in (month)’

Wear with pride or give to an expecting friend.

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