Use Peanut Butter to Remove Bubble Gum

  • Chewing-gum-carpet

  • The natural oils in peanut butter work to dissolve chewing gum on fabrics, carpet or on hair. Remove as much gum as you can with a dinner knife, putty knife or comb. Apply a liberal glob of peanut butter to the chewing gum. Work the peanut butter into the gum with your fingers. Use a dinner knife or comb to scrape or comb the gum from the fabric, carpet or hair along with the peanut butter until the gum is removed. If the gum is on washable fabric, spray the peanut butter and gum location with a stain treatment and wash as usual in the wash machine. Examine the wet fabric for complete stain removal before placing it in the dryer. Wash hair as normal to remove the peanut butter and gum residue. Spray carpet cleaner onto peanut butter and gum residue and scrub as indicated on the carpet cleaner product to remove residue.

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