How to make jello fruit shots


People don’t always consider jello shot fruit slices when they think about serving jello shots for their party. Creating fruit slices not only adds a touch of class to your event, but offers a creative (and biodegradable) alternative to the traditional plastic cups.

Although it might look a little tricky at first, it’s super easy. Start with a piece of fruit, citrus fruit being among the best choices due to its durable peeling. Cut the fruit in half and scoop out all of the fruit – go ahead and eat the fruit or save it for something special.  Keep in mind that lemons and limes transfer the fruit flavor to the gelatin (more than oranges do) so keep that in mind when selecting flavors.

Once the peeling is empty, prepare your favorite Jell-o shot and pour it inside the peeling. To keep it from spilling in the fridge, consider resting the rind in a muffin tin or small bowl until it’s completely chilled in the fridge. It’s best to choose a jello shot recipe that compliments the flavor of the fruit that you chose to use.

Finally, once everything is good to go, pull your fruit pieces out of the fridge and slice them up – the same way that you would probably slice an orange. Serve these slices on a tray and enjoy. No doubt that this will be an attractive and memorable way to serve your jello shooters!

Of course you can make this non-alcoholic by just using jello without the alcohol.


14 thoughts on “How to make jello fruit shots

    1. follow recipe on pkg of jello, but instead of using the cold water use vodka instead.. so if recipe is one cup hot water( allow to cool a bit) and 1 cup cold, just use vodka instead..

  1. Just wanted to say thanx.. A friend of mine told me about it but we needed the directions how to make them goin to try it out this weekend.. Having a get together!! lol hope they come out rite!! Again Thanx Angela

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