Harvest Marigold Seeds

Marigolds are incredibly easy to grow, and the seeds are very easy to collect and save for next year’s flower beds. With these simple instructions you can save marigold seeds from one year to the next, growing exactly what you want.


Things You’ll Need

  • Small plastic zipper bags
  • Permanent marker
  • Marigolds
  1. Watch the marigold plants as blooms begin to fade and the blossom dies out. Only after it dries can you collect the seeds.

  2. Label the plastic zipper bags with permanent marker, noting the color, height or whatever information you will find helpful for future reference.

  3. Pluck the dead and dry bloom off the stem and roll it around in the palm of your hand; you will find that it easily breaks up into long narrow two-part seeds.

  4. Place the seeds in the plastic bag with the information about it written on it. Store the seeds in a cool, dark place until ready to sow in the spring.




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