Juicer Pulp Ideas

What should you do with all that waste/pulp from your juicer?
It is true when you juice your fruits and vegetables you will get a lot of extra stuff and it is not ideal just to let it all go unused.
I have some great ideas for you so that you can maximize your produce.
For example:
IDEA 1 – All Organic All Natural Crackers
-Take the pulp that is left over from a green juice drink
-Mix in a little olive oil, sea salt and any other spices you like
-Flatten on a cooking sheet
-Bake for 20 min at 400 degrees
Viola you have a totally healthy snack!  Plus you know exactly what’s in what you are eating so there are no unhealthy surprises.

IDEA 2 – Salsa or a Fun Dip
-Take the pulp that is left over from a green juice drink
-Mix it with some cut up tomatoes and onions
-Spice with sea salt plus any other natural spices you enjoy
And now you have out of this world salsa to use on your crackers.

IDEA 3 – Compost
-Don’t waste anything you use.  Start a compost and give your soil some extra love.

IDEA 4 – Soups or Stews
My friend was making me a dinner and asked if I would save all the pulp from my juices for a week…I stored it in the freezer and brought it over for Saturday night.
He had this genius idea to use it in a stew he was making.  Not to mention it was delicious!


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