Magazine Art Bowl

Blow up a balloon. Cut strips of magazines, fold in half. Roll up and glue to balloon. When all dry, pop balloon.

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52 thoughts on “Magazine Art Bowl

      1. You should use triangular strips of;
        ( I would say any paper could be used) but they chose to use the long strip magazines.
        Use a toothpick, or I use a knitting needle or chop sticks even, something to roll around and leaves a small center.
        Roll tightly using glue I use craft glue others use all kinds of glues and stuff.
        When dry it can be sprayed with a gloss coating or use modge podge coat well…. I tend to use craft glue that has set out over night at least a few hours it helps it stick to th baloons and each other quicker. Go slowly so things don’t pop . You can put 2 baloons on inside the other giving strength and helping in case of a pop.

  1. What type of glue do you use? And how do you glue them? To the balloon or to each circle? Or do you dip the whole strip in the glue

    1. Use a clear drying craft glue. Do not use hot glue! You must glue the magazine circles to each other and just use the balloon as a guide. Sure, some glue will get on the balloon, but if too much does, then when you pop and try to pull out the balloon, it may pull your bowl out of whack. Hope this helps!

    1. Some people are using a whole magazine page, rolling it up like a pencil shape, flattening it and then rolling it starting at one end. Also you could cut the pencil shape in half and get smaller rolls. I like the look of the different size rolls.

    1. You can certainly try to use hot glue, but in my experience this pops the balloon, especially if the balloon is blown up really full. But hey, hot glue would be a whole lot quicker, and if it works for you, then i say go for it!!!

  2. How do you do the bottom? Do you glue the rolls to the bottom of the balloon as well and, if so, how do you get a flat bottom?

  3. You could start with a flat circle and continue round and round as they do in the video. Or you could use the balloon as a guide and make the whole thing round. The bowl would need to sit on a base. The one in the pic is sitting on a square wooden base; like a small frame.

    1. I was just thinking that you could help it bottom out if you place something in the bottom of the balloon before you inflate it (such as sand). That might help flatten it out. Just a thought!

  4. I want to make this! I am in the process of making a cross out of the rolled up magazines. I cut a magazine page in half and roll it up. If you use the whole page, its too wide. I use quick dry craft glue. It works great! Drys clear. I don’t recommend hot glue. You have to work to close to the paper and you will get burned a lot. I also have found that the magazine pages that are thick and glossy, don’t roll well at all. I hope this helps.

  5. If you use regular glue does it not then take forever to dry and set? I imagine you could use regular glue make all the diskie things use paper clips to keep them rolled and then arrange them as you like. This would make great decorations for over old milk jugs that you want to turn into pots. of boxes for pretty storage and then the hot glue wouldn’t be a issue if you used it just to attache the disks to the non balloon object. i have a cheap vase that was originally painted by someone and the paint is peeling off I am going to do this to it:) It look great all coloured but imagine if you pained it as well. Monochromatic but textured. I am dying to try this. SOmething to keep me away from the fridge and my hand busy when i watch TV:)

    1. This may be a project like a knitting project: as in, you do a little each day…. not just get it all done in one sitting. I’ll attempt a small bowl and record my findings soon. If you attempt it, let us know how your bowl turns out and any suggestions you may have! Thanks!

    1. Take a strip of magazine page and roll it around a pencil to get a long tube. Flatten the tube and then roll from one end. This is one way – but you could experiment with other ways to get the size of rolls you want. Hope this helps!

  6. Going to attempt this next week, will come back and let you know how it turns out. I really love this idea! Thanks for the suggestions in here for flat bottoms, type of glue, how to roll, etc!

    1. One way is to to use pushpins or sewing pins and a piece of corkboard or cardboard. Roll up the paper. set it on the board flat and use 3 push pins up against the sides. then add a roll and a pin or two until you’ve filled an area. Remove the dried ones and keep on rolling.

  7. so I just made something similar to this, invested a lot of time and effort and loved the final result. It came out exactly how I wanted it…HOWEVER, I used Mod Podge (for the first time actually) and even though it dried nice and clear, I didn’t know it wouldn’t harden the way I wanted it. So after I popped the balloon it had a nice shape, but now that’s been sitting on a flat surface, my “sculpture” seems to be deflating, like it’s getting more and more flat in the bottom. If I pull of put pressure on it it does change its shape a bit, as if it was one bit plastic basket. I am a bit disappointed but refuse to give up. I’m going to blow up another balloon inside to help it keep it’s shape while I find a better glie that actually dries very hard. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! thanx

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