Native Headress Pin or Neckerchief


  • 15 safety pins ( I used small brass ones )
  • “E” beads ( I used a variety of colors )
  • 6 mm round beads ( I used faceted ones )
  • approx. 8″ of 20 gauge wire
  • 1/2 pipe cleaner ( I used gold )


  1. String “E” beads on pin in desired pattern. Do 14 pins the same way. ( I experimented with different colors. Each of the above will represent a feather so you may want to use a pattern here. )
  2. Pinch heads of pin closed, so that they don’t open while wearing. IMPORTANT SAFETY FEATURE!
  3. String 6 mm beads and heads of pins on wire. Start with a bead and fold wire back over bead to keep it on. Alternate beads and pins, being sure to put all pins facing the same way. (This is where I created a pattern. Ex. blue faceted 6mm bead,1 pin w/red beads, blue faceted 6mm, 1 pin w/white beads, blue faceted 6mm, 1 pin w/blue beads, blue faceted 6mm, 1 pin w/white beads, blue faceted 6mm,1 pin w/red beads, etc…..) End with a 6mm bead, leave enough wire to fold back over bead as you did at start, then trim excess wire away. Be sure ends are folded back enough so that there is no sharp point.
  4. String pipe cleaner through loops at bottom of pins, pushing pins close together, and centering pipe cleaner.
  5. On ends of pipe cleaner string several beads, either “E” or 6mm. ( I used 3 blue faceted 6mm beads on each end) Form excess pipe cleaner into a loop, and twist to secure.
  6. Take your last pin and pin the first beaded pin and last beaded pin on the back of the slide. This will help to form shape, and is used to create area to put neckerchief through.
  7. Adjust shape, pull “tails” straight, then wear with pride.

photo is just for demonstration. Finished prject may differ. instructions via



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