Denim Bible or Book Cover

Great idea and tutorial VIA 

Remove a pocket from the jeans. The point is the pocket, so use your scissors to cut it away when necessary. A seam ripper is too wimpy for this task. I didn’t want to use the fabric underneath, so I didn’t worry about making nicks in it.

deinm bible cover remove pocket

Cut off a length of the waistband, including the buttonhole. I trimmed it close and didn’t bother finishing the tiny threads hanging down. That gives it character.

remove buttonhole waist

Cut the legs off the jeans.

cut off legs

Cut up the inside seam. I chose leave the more attractive outside seam to use for the spine of my cover.

cut up seam

Here is what I have of my jeans, ready to use for the book cover — two legs, cut open (I actually only needed one leg), one pocket, and a buttonhole on a waistband.

deinm bible cover pieces

Cut a piece from the leg that is plenty big to cover around your book, including seam allowance top, bottom, and sides.

deinm bible cover cut base

Test the size by wrapping the sides inside the front and back covers of the book. I liked the look of having that outer leg seam as the spine, so I positioned it in that way. Trim your base as necessary. Remember, you can always trim more, so it’s okay for it to be big to start with.

testing fabric

Position the pocket on the front of the cover and sew it on.

WAIT! Don’t make my mistake. Add velcro to the pocket before affixing it to the cover. I forgot to add the velcro until the end. By that time, I had to sew through all thicknesses of my cover, and it made one half of the pocket unusable. When I make the second one, I’ll do better.

position pocket

Position your closure flap on the other side. This takes some pinning and practice folding to get it just right. Test as you go (using the book inside the fabric) to make sure it looks and works like you want it. Pin or baste in place.

deinm bible cover (5)

Make side flaps that are the same height as your base fabric and over half of the width of the front cover of your book. Mine turned out around 5 inches wide.
deinm bible cover side flaps

Fold up and hem one long side of each flap.

deinm bible cover side flaps

Sew the flaps on the base, right sides together, sandwiching in the waistband closure on one side.
sew on flaps

At this point, I BASTED the pieces together and sewed across the top too. I tested the size on my book, made adjustments, and rebasted.
layer pieces

Cut another piece of contrasting fabric the same size as your base. (I used fabric cut from some hand-me-down seersucker pants.) Layer this lining on top of the existing piece, right sides together.

deinm bible cover lining

Sew along your basting stitches, joining all three layers all the way around. Well, not ALL the way around. Leave a spot at the bottom to turn the cover right side out. (Yes, I admit I often forget to leave the turning spot. No matter. A seam ripper works for correcting that mistake.)

At this point, I had some huge seam allowances. So I used pinking shears to trim all around my stitches. Then I clipped the corners.

snip corners

Turn the entire cover right side out and press it flat. Sew the hole close to the edges to finish the cover.

press open

deinm bible cover

Test the closure and put the velcro on the buttonhole area where it fits to match the velcro you put on the pocket.

Put in your Bible or book. It will fit like a pair of well worn jeans. (smile)



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