Cleaning a Glass Stove Top

Instructions from behindthestudio

You will need:

  1. Bowl & Hot Soapy Water
  2. Baking Soda
  3. A Cleaning Rag
  4. Gloves (I didn’t use any because I thought baking soda wouldnt be harsh on my hands.. but I was wrong, so try to use gloves, you’ll thank me later)


First, you fill a bowl with hot tap water water and mix it with some dish soap. Submerge the rag in the bowl and get it wet.


Apply baking soda in a generous amount all over the affected area.


Now pull out that hot soapy rag out of the bowl and squeeze half the water out. You want it to be soggy, not sopping.

Lay it over the baking soda.


Then wait about 15 minutes…


Then swirl the rag around in circles, using the baking soda paste as a gentle scrub.


The dry up the surface and shine it up with windex. Good as new!!



9 thoughts on “Cleaning a Glass Stove Top

  1. I take it that you lay the soggy rag over the baking soda that was sprinkled on the stove and THEN
    wait 15 minutes. That wasn’t clear on the instructions.

  2. Has this worked well for any of you? I don’t have a glass stove top… so I can’t try it. I did correct the notes to say to lay the wet rag over the baking soda. Hope that clears things up.

  3. I clean my glass top stove like this and it does work. If it has badly burned on spills it takes a couple times but it does work.

  4. I scrub it with a wet cloth and Bartenders Friend Friends when I need to scrub stains. For grease stains add a few drops of Dawn dishwashing liquid and wipe a couple of times.

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