Window Markers Are Not For Just Celebrations!

Always great ideas at Chica and Jo: Here’s another one:

You see cars driving around all the time with “Go Team!” and “Just Married!” written on the back windows with window markers, right? It’s always cute and fun, but can window writing ever be practical, too?  Well, I was helping Chica deliver a wedding cake the other day and she had to drive very slowly so it wouldn’t get ruined.  She felt guilty slowing down traffic, and wished she had an easy way to notify the drivers behind her that she had fragile cargo on board so they would understand.  That’s when things clicked and we realized you could use those white window markers for more than just weddings and sports!

You could tell other drivers that you did have fragile cargo on board, like a cake or a fish tank or a box of champagne glasses. Or you could alert them that your turn signal is broken or if you need someone to call 911.  This can be a huge lifesaver! I now keep one of these markers in the glove compartment of all of my cars, just in case I have a need to use it. They’re so inexpensive and small that it’s an easy precaution to take!

car window paint markercar window paint marker

Check out Chica and Jo’s site – 100’s of ideas!


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