I’m Going on a Trip Game

This is a great game for a field trip bus ride or a scout meeting. One person starts by thinking of a category and coming up with an item that fits the category. They say aloud to the group, “I’m going on a trip and I’m going to bring (item), does anyone want to go with me?” The other players think of items that might fit the category and ask “Can I join you if I bring (item)?” If it fits in the category, the first player says “Yes, you may come along.”
If it doesn’t fit they say, “I’m sorry, you cannot come.” They get to guess again when they come up with a new idea. More people play until everyone gets a yes answer. Play again with a new category.
It doesn’t matter the order of who guesses, just have fun with it. The difficutly is in the category. You can do simple things like a certain shape or color, or things starting with a certain letter.

The best and possibly hardest category was 2 things that start with the person’s initials. For example, Bob Jones started with, “I’m going on a trip, and I’m bringing a Basketball and a Jaguar, does anyone want to join me?” If Kevin Smith said, “Can I join you if I bring a Kite and a Star?” He would get a yes answer. George Turner ‘brought’ a Grape and a Tire, etc. It was hard, but it was awesome once you figured it out!  Try it.


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