Easy Trainer Chopsticks

You will need: chopsticks(in the paper sleeve) and a rubber band or a hair tie? Whatever you have available when you are eating. Take the chopsticks out of the sleeve.
Fold your sleeve in half (long ways) 3 times.
After you’ve folded 3 times, fold into thirds the other way. Put your folded paper in between the two chopsticks, close to the top.
Take your rubber band and wrap it around the chopsticks, underneath the paper, one time. Wrap the rest of the rubber band around the chopsticks, above the paper. All of this should be towards the very end of the chopsticks. This will keep the chopsticks apart from each other and they are now fool-proof and ready to use!
Waaaaalaaaa. “Training” chopsticks. Not JUST for children.

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