Jet Engine Balloon

Materials you will need:

• Scotch Tape
• Drinking Straw
• A Balloon (preferably long)
• Nylon String at least 10 feet long
• Trees, Poles or chairs (to tie the string to)


1.  Take one end of the string and tie it to a tree or a post.
2.  Take the straw and thread it onto the other end of the string.
3.  Tie the other end of sting to the second tree or post.
4.  Make sure that the string is tight.
5.  Move the straw to one end of the string
6.  Blow up the balloon and hold the opening so that the air does not escape.
7.  Place the mouth of the balloon so that it is pointing toward the closest tree or post.
8.  Make sure that the balloon is parallel to the string/straw.  Place two pieces of tape over the straw and balloon making sure that the balloon is attached securely.
9.  Release the balloon.

The balloon and straw take off across the string until the balloon is completely deflated.  When the balloon is released the compressed air rushes out into space and the reaction is to drive the balloon forward like a rocket.

Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law, “For every action (force), there is an equal and opposite re-action.

This is a good outside experiment. Also would be great to set up 2 or more and race!. via


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