Sock Bubbles

Cut the bottom off a plastic water bottle. Secure an old gym sock around the bottom with duct tape or a rubberband. Dip the sock into bubble solution and then blow through the top. Fun!

For more fun click HERE!


4 thoughts on “Sock Bubbles

    1. you can find tons of great ideas on pinterest!! its definitely one of the best sites to go on for things like this.

  1. Let’s just get this out of the way first: I love pinterest! But I get ideas from all over. For example, my co-worker (I work full time in an office setting) asked if I knew anything about aloe plants… I’m doing some research on it and plan to post in the next few weeks about the many uses of aloe plants. Watch for it. But an idea can strike anywhere. A lot of the recipes are from pictures I see all over the internet, or some crazy recipe that i made up myself, tried on my family and was a hit! Some are projects that I did years and years ago, that pop up into my head.. “remember that thing we did way back at girl scout camp?” Before I knew I’d ever be a blogger – heck before there was such a thing as blogging!! Thanks for visiting -krisgo

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