Emergency Survival Document Binder

This is just part of a lengthy, informative, instructional plan for any family… Please click HERE for complete article!

Important Documents

It is unlikely that any documents you choose to include in your kit will keep you alive.  However, having them all organized and together can make your life so much easier now and in the event of an emergency.  Making insurance claims, searching for missing loved ones (heaven forbid), staying in touch with family and friends, traveling around the country and accessing your financial accounts will all be much easier if you have some essential documents at your fingertips.  In addition, having a binder like what I’m about to suggest to you can also make your day to day life easier and more efficient.

I’m simply going to walk you page by page through my “emergency documents binder.”  I keep this near our kit, but not in it as I access and use it often.  It goes wherever I go so that I can have access to these important documents anytime, anywhere.

Family Evacuation Plan:

The front cover:

Nathan (my husband) and I each have our own prioritized list of what our responsibilities will be when / if we need to evacuate.  If we are given 10-30 minutes notice, we start in at the top or the first list and try to get through as much as we can.  The stuff at the bottom of the list isn’t as essential as the stuff at the top.  If given just a few minutes to evacuate (and doing so on foot), we use the second lists instead.  You can read more about our family evacuation plan here. (although I need to edit it a bit online…the printed one is more accurate!)

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5 thoughts on “Emergency Survival Document Binder

  1. i have stage IV breast cancer and after reading this I definately will make a very siiimilar folder for my hubby or children when I get sicker…. (lol my hubby has never taken care of things around the house or finances insurance etc )

  2. I used to obtain fingerprints for the sheriff dept and you do roll each finger as making a flat picture of the print. Don’t squish finger or smear as you go you should have little ink on the finger to begin with. Practice first and you will see the difference.

  3. Thanks so much for the link and support! Could I ask though that you maybe just copy one picture? I don\’t have the bandwidth to support hotlinking to so many pictures. I appreciate that you haven\’t copied the entire article, but still, most of it is here….maybe you could just copy the first paragraph and picture and then link to the rest? That way, your readers could still have access to everything, but I wouldn\’t be using up so much bandwidth? THANKS!

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